Happiness Is The Highest Level Of Success.
MOOD Is A Piece That Will Always Remind You That If You Carry Joy In Your Heart You Can Heal Any Moment.

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Inspired Mostly By A Lot Of People I Have Met In Life; All Had Good And Bad MOODs Depending On The Circumstances And Struggles Of Life.
Most Chose Life, Joy, Happiness While Others Chose Both The Good And Bad Sides. In The End; I Got Inspired By Their Choices.

They Had Their Own Reasons... The Struggles Were So Real.
They Could Easily Take Others' Choices, But They Did Not.
Why Do You Think They Did That? Try To Be In Their Shoes, What Could/Can Your Choice Be?.

Available Size: 12x16
For Custom Size and inquiries about the Artwork, Email Me.

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I Handpainted MOOD Because I Wanted The Strokes To Be So Raw And Experience The State Of Mind When MOODs Switch With All The Time It Takes Them To Do So.

Down The Road It Is So Easy To Get Influenced But The End Result Of It Always Will Depend On The Choices You Have Made And Taken. See, It Is A Matter Of Choice And Always Will Be.

They Showed Me That, No Matter The Time It Will Going To Take You, Happiness And Joy Which Result To Good MOOD Are What You Will Always Choose. If They Could Do It, So Can You!
You May Feel Good Or Bad, But Never Let The Bad Influence The Good. Get Your MOOD Positive Always!

Thanks A Million For Your Support!
To My Worldwide Supporters Too.

© ClovisAPTheArtist

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