Written by  Katrina Patterson for her Alternative Reflection Assignment. I was honored to inspire her then and still.

Featured Artist:  Clovis AP owner of Clovis AP TheArtist Studios located in Los Angeles, CA, USA | Europe | Africa | Australia and Asia.

Clovis is a multi-talented Civil Engineer, Self-taught Professional Artist and Entrepreneur.  He has made a stunning reputation as a professional artist and designer of numerous cover spreads and comic books for various organizations worldwide. He also dances, choreographs, create artworks, etc.

Clovis studied Engineering and Technology and finished Civil Engineer at Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technologies.

Clovis did not pursue a degree in art but always had a passion for Art.  Drawing and painting were his favorite things to do as a child, which is when he fell in love with Art.  He continued to study Art on his own because he had a burning desire to design and create.

As a child, he was not allowed to pursue Art although it was highly recommended by all of his teachers. 'You will never make a living as an artist,” is what he was told by his parents up until High School but he knew that he had a passion for it. To prove his parents wrong, he kept studying and doing art secretly.  He began networking with some fellow artists at his school and got some gigs, which allowed him to save for art supplies.

 He always focused on being the best at what he pursued. He always approached new projects knowing that any problem could be [re]solved with a little hard work, solid technique, and a lot of imagination. He continued to study and chose projects that could challenge him. He remembers his dad saying at his first Art Exhibition, “Good Job”, this made him feel amazing and he never regretted it. His parents are now some of his biggest supporters!

Clovis AP started his Art career, first with normal art commissions as many artists do, but he started early in Primary School, this is why he feels that he is blessed. His parents used to send him and his siblings to other counties abroad to visit and he would always carry his art supplies with him. His first contract was with a school.  He was told to draw the whole sciences images kit for a classroom and he received $100 USD for the project. When he reached High School he started receiving some International contracts, many of which was with big worldwide organizations such as Unicef, CARE, Oxfam, and many more.


This was the beginning of his Art career. He decided to start a small business.  He was very young, but luckily, he had an adult friend with whom he partnership [with] and started the company. Clovis was the CEO and Founder and his friend was the Co-Founder.  After a year, they contacted organizations that he had previously worked with.  He began working with them on overseas projects, mostly in Africa, [projects] such as, Back To School for kids, Stop Violence, Off The Street, and many more.
It gave him the opportunity to travel the world and have fun doing what he love[d]. Unfortunately, his Co-Founder died which led Clovis into a deep depression and he ended up shutting down the company but he continued to do Art and exhibits on the name that he built.  He  began working worldwide again, with the support of his network.
Creating and founding so many start-up companies around the world which were  artistic and educational and [that] inspired him to start an online Art Gallery and Auction House: CAPTA ART DEALS .  He also founded GOD GIVEN GIFTS 1, his own clothing brand: GOMAGEAR, CLOVISAPTHEARTIST, a Digital [Consulting, Advertising and Marketing] Multi-Service Agency: CAP WORLD Top Life , and Many more. Most of them are Art-related.

For Clovis, it was a bit different after school, because he was already and entrepreneur making partnerships with organizations.  He stated that it was as if he did not need a degree because he could get gigs and contracts from networking.  He could go work without even being asked for a degree. He felt that it was a blessing because he was able to hire himself!

As professional, Clovis now cares about his legacy after he’s gone. This includes his reputation with the both the artistic industry and his clients, which are mostly artists that he represents and promotes, and his collectors.  That is the core that motivates him.   This is the foundation on which everything is built on.

He also cares about the impact his works have on people and their lives and their wellbeing.  He cares about the people he works with, and about PEOPLE in general, because every business depends on people.

First and foremost, his passion is ART in all its forms! Expressing oneself is also important. He always expresses himself in many different ways, so everyone can get the message.  He has a passion for everything that he does and is focused on bringing out the best of himself. He does this by dancing, choreographing and has won numerous dancing competitions.  He also teaches dance worldwide through workshops and private coaching.  Clovis can sing, play drums, write songs and poems, write books, create and design.  He loves, people, kids, sports, music, technologies, just Knowledge in general but he always has room for learning new things, new approaches.

"I feel that staying in school and continuing to pursue a Certificate in Art Therapy as well as a degree in Fine Arts will lead me to becoming an Art Therapist. I would love to do contract work possibly have my own Therapy Practice and become an Entrepreneur like Clovis AP or work for a Children’s Hospital practicing Art Therapy.

An organization that could support my quest would be Herron School of Art where I could continue to take classes and increase my Art skills to use in Art Therapy.  The School of Social Work would be helpful in furthering my Education as a Therapist.  I hope to combine the two to become an Art Therapist.  Indiana Art Therapy Association could also be great source of support."

 -  Copyright © 2019+ Katrina Patterson (Indiana Art Therapy Association : Alternative Reflection Assignment, Indiana, USA 🇺🇸 )
Indiana Art Therapy Association | Indiana, IN, USA 
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